About Us

Skinvig is black-owned, family operated organic skincare company hand-crafting products using clean, safe and cruelty-free ingredients to restore and revitalize the skin.

A few years ago, my son broke out in a series of rashes from his head to his toes. He suffered from a high fever for over a week. As parents, it was a very scary experience and my son was miserable. He was misdiagnosed three times before a specialist determined he had Kawasaki Disease (KD) or mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome. 

Thankfully, with medication, Kawasaki is treatable. 

After the worst of his symptoms had subsided, his once beautiful skin reflected the heavy toll of the sickness. He had open, oozing wounds as well as scars everywhere. I had to do something. So I got my books, my knowledge and some heavy researching skills and concocted a skin salve that not only helped him with severe itching but also began to heal his skin. 

The salve worked wonders on his skin. His scars all but vanished. I shared the news with our specialist and she encouraged me to bottle it, so I did!

Our products nourish skin and gently stimulate the senses with fresh, crisp and clean citrus scents that aren't perfume or vanity smells. Our products are vegan, organic, natural and designed to help your body restore itself. 

Cleanse, nourish, protect, repeat. Skinvig, it's just what your skin is craving.